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Partnership Available in a new ICON A5 Amphibious Aircraft

ICON A5 on Lake Powell
ICON A5 Aircraft
Lake Powell, Arizona and Utah

Participate in a partnership owning a brand new ICON A5 which will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unique features about the ICON A5 include:

Composite carbon fiber construction and

Foldable wing, the aircraft is easily towed behind a pickup or a boat

Many more details about the ICON A5 amphibious aircraft are available at:

ICON Aircraft.

Because the ICON A5 qualifies as a Light Sport Aircraft, only a sport pilot license is required to fly it. As you may know the training requirements for a sport pilot license are not onerous, 15 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor and 5 hours of solo flight.

ICON A5 aircraft with folded wings at headquarters
An ICON A5 aircraft with its wings folded
is towed into the hangar at ICON Aircraft headquarters
at the Nut Tree Airport (VCB), in Vacaville, CA
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ICON manufacturers a beautifully designed trailer for the A5 to tow the aircraft on the road. Check out the video link below to see how well the ICON A5 will tow behind a boat.

ICON A5 aircraft cockpit design
ICON A5 Aircraft award winning cockpit design.

The cockpit is exceptionally well designed and comfortable, even for relatively large people. ICON hired Lotus Engineers to collaborate on the design of the cockpit. The design received a Gold award from the Industrial Designers Society of America's annual awards in the transportation category, which included all motor vehicles (aircraft, cars, watercraft and other engine powered vehicles) designed in the previous year.

Check out these videos to get a better idea of what flying an ICON A5 can be like:

Explore what's possible flying the ICON A5.

The ICON A5's Angle of Attack safety system.

If you are interested in more details about the possibility of participating in a partnership in an ICON A5 aircraft based in the San Francisco Bay Area, please call 415.771.2555 or contact Herb Lingl.