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Aviation Opportunities for Young People

The Clear Lake Flying Club encourages young people to join the club and supports efforts to teach young people to fly or learn other aviation related professions.

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The volunteer Sea Scouts help Chris Brown reposition his turbo Cessna 206
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Lakeport, Lake County, California
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Unlike many fields where jobs are disappearing, career prospects in aviation are bright.

Boeing’s CEO, Dennis Muilinberg noted at the Paris Air Show in July, 2019 that there will be a need for 800,000 new pilots in the next 20 years, and that there will be a severe pilot shortage. Each of the major US airlines has already begun investing capital to deal with this shortage.

Club activities designed to support young people to learn how to fly, and if they are interested, enter aviation professions include:

Seminars and meetings that bring experienced pilots together with young people.

Free flights for young people between 8 and 17 years of age at Lampson Field in conjuction with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).

The first of these Young Eagles Rallies was produced with EAA Chapter 124 based in Santa Rosa and The Lake County Chamber of Commerce. This Young Eagles Rally took place on Saturday, September 23, 2019 beginning at 9am at the LASAR hangar at Lampson Field.

Scheduled activities included a free ground school covering the basics of flying and an overview of the career opportunities in aviation in addition to free flights from Lampson Field.

The event was organized to help build awareness of the exceptionally bright career opportunities in aviation for young people. It had broad community support. You can download a pdf file of the event program at:

Program | EAA Young Eagles Rally | Lampson Field, Nov 23, 2019

or view it as a flip book at

Program Online | EAA Young Eagles Rally | Lampson Field, Nov 23, 2019.

The Lake County Record Bee be ran an article about the event entitled

Soaring Into a Career In Aviation

Assistance in identifying scholarships and other resources that can fund all or part of a young person's flight training and education.

The number of scholarships now available to help young people learn to fly and the amount of money being provided for that purpose is truly amazing.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association alone awarded 80 $10,000 scholarships to young people to obtain flight training for obtaining a private pilot certificate. This is only one of AOPA's scholarship programs, and there are many other scholarship opportunities. For additional details about AOPA scholarships, please visit: scholarship opportunities please AOPA Scholarships.

There are many scholarship opportunities for flight training in addition to the AOPA Scholarships. For information about these additional scholarship opportunities please contact the club.

Opportunities to work on a project aircraft being built for use by club members.

Supporting Lake County high schools interested in teaching aviation

The club is working to assist Lake County high schools interested in teaching an aviation curriculum to apply to teach the AOPA High School curriculum which is available free of charge to high schools which commit to teaching the program. Additional information about this high school curriculum is available at AOPA High School Curriculum.

The club is particularly interested in identifying individuals who would be interested in teaching the AOPA High School Curriculum in Lake County high schools.

The AOPA High School Aviation curriculum is so comprehensive and detailed that it has been successfully taught by non-pilots. Teachers who have an interest in aviation can also apply for a scholarship for flight training to obtain their own private pilot certificate. Last year AOPA distributed 20 scholarships of $10,000 each to high school teachers for flight training.

Please consider joining the Facebook group

Aviation for Lake County Youth

to exchange ideas on how to reach these goals.

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A participant in an EAA Young Eagles Rally
Enjoys a Free Flight
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Please Consider Getting Involved
As A Volunteer or a Donor

The Clear Lake Flying Club is actively seeking volunteers and resources which can assist in its efforts to help young people learn to fly.

Specifically, the Clear Lake Flying Club is looking for:

(1) individuals who would be interested in teaching aviation in Lake County high schools;

(2) pilots who are interested in participating in Young Eagles flights to introduce young people in Lake County to flying;

(3) individuals interesting in helping with club events and club outreach to the community to build interest in developing aviation programs for young people;

(4) project aircraft that would be suitable for young people to gain hands on experience working on aircraft;

(5) aircraft parts that would be useful for hands on demonstrations about aircraft; and

(6) aircraft books, videos and aircraft simulators that could be used by young people.

If you are interested in contributing to the flying club's efforts, please contact the club or call 415.771.2555.

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